Graffiti bedroom: A Mark of Intelligent graffiti


Graffiti, the messy art is indeed the new buzz in town. Known primarily as street art, now it has taken refuge inside your houses as well, as more and more people are opting for graffiti artwork on their bedroom or living room walls.

Graffiti don’t require any introductions, as it is a great way of expressing your creativity, be it on public property or in your own bedroom. However, while opting for graffiti on your walls, remember although it’s a messy art form, it still requires some skills. Hence, if you are skilled enough and have artistic qualities, you are welcome to try this on your own. Otherwise, the job is best suited for a professional graffiti artist and these days there are plenty of them.

Now you may very well ask why vandalize your bedroom walls with street art graffiti. The answer is simple though. It would add some life to your otherwise boring and dull bedroom walls and also add some attitude to your room. It’s a reflection of who you really are from inside, and the bold colors, messages, wild brush strokes can transform your room completely and make your peers envy your style. Did it spark any exciting ideas in your head? If not then here, check a few ideas for decorating your bedroom with graffiti:

Graffiti ideas for your bedroom

• First of all, take the walls of your bedroom into consideration. Choose an accent wall, making your bed the focal point of the room. Now there are two ways to go about decorating your bedroom in graffiti style, either go with the traditional graffiti artwork using spray paints or brush strokes or you can opt for graffiti wall papers. If you are opting for graffiti wall papers then put it behind the head board of your bed as this will draw more attention to the room. You can also accessorize your bedroom according to the colors on your graffiti wall paper as well. Besides, don’t forget to choose a bold mural for the room as well. Usually for adults the colors black and white will work better for the graffiti artwork and for young adults or kids, go with the bright and bold colors. Now for the accent wall, use brick wall papers and then go wild with the graffiti paints.

• As for wall décor, go a little funky and bold with it. Use creative and funky fonts, quotes or messages to draw to on the walls to give a more stylish look. Choose the graffiti artwork the suits you the most. You can also use Monogram letters as well. Just paint the walls and the graffiti letters with bold and vibrant colors and you will instantly the see how your own little bedroom turn into a magical world.

• Now the furniture and accessories to match your graffiti bedroom. If you are looking for a mature look then keep the furniture and accessories minimal and simple. For a more rugged look, go for the rustic furniture as this will give your room a more worn out style. Don’t forget to use some funky accessories as well as this will add that element of attitude to the room and make it more vibrant.

So if you want to create a magical atmosphere in your own bedroom, use graffiti to its full potential and create a masterpiece that speaks all about you.

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Sarah enjoys everything related to home improvement. In her spare time she writes on popular blogs about graffiti bedrooms and how can these improve the look of a home.

Why have a garden shed


If you like taking care of your yard, if you have a garden or if you need a little bit of extra storage place then you will want a shed.
Most home owners invest in gardening tools in order to improve their yard and overall aspect of the home. Some have done a little bit of landscaping and have flowerbeds, trees or shrubs that need maintenance from time to time. If you have kids around the house then its best that they don’t have access to pesticides or sharp garden tools.
Wooden garden sheds are affordable and they offer secure storage place for all of those things while the classic designs you can find at your local store will most probably, if chosen accordingly to your home’s style, improve your yard aspect.

Before buying one take a look around your yard and figure out what you are going to use it for in order to correctly choose your product. If you will use it just for storage you will probably not need too many windows and this way you can save some money
Placing the shed is also important. Thanks to their classic aspect wooden garden sheds can be hidden away in a corner unnoticed or complete the look of your garden. You can plant flowers or shrubs around your shed to make it look like it belongs there. If you will only use it to store supplies for your garden then it is best if you place it in its proximity so that you don’t have to do a lot of moving around.

Wooden garden sheds are so common because of their practicality. You will notice the difference after a few days of not having to go all the way to the garage to get your garden supplies, or not having to tell your kids to be careful and to stay away from your tools.
There are so many styles to choose from and so many ways to add your own style to them. There are a lot of models you can install in just an hour or so that will make you wonder why you had not thought about buying one years ago.