Best Theme Party Ideas For Kids

Planning a kid’s party is exciting but it involves a lot of things to consider and a lot of tasks to do. You will have to keep in the mind the choice and preferences of kids while planning the kid’s party. You will have to send the invitation to invite guests. Along with it, you will have to bring material for decoration. Also you have to decide the menu for the party. But the most important thing that you have to consider is entertainment. Kids’ parties are basically for entertainment of kids. So you have to make arrangement for entertainment of kids at your party.

kid's party


Children love theme parties. The theme of your kid’s party should be perfect for the kids. To decide the theme, you have to focus on what entertain the kids most. You can opt for kids party entertainment hire to make your kids party most entertaining. Here are some theme ideas given below from which you can choose the best one for your kids party-

  • Superhero party- Change your simple kids’ party into a superhero party to entertain all the kids. Ask all the guests especially the kids to wear superhero dresses during the party. Decorate your party venue with superhero toys and balloons. You can entertain all the kids with superhero games at your party.
  • Science party- If your kids love science, just surprise him/her with a science theme party. Ask all the guests to wear science lab coats so that all kids will look like scientists during the party. Decorate the whole venue like a scientific lab. Put up your kid’s science project on the wall to display it to everyone present at the party. Kid’s science parties are a good source of learning with entertainment.
  • Winter theme party- Everyone loves winter season and all the things that they can do during winters. If your kid’s birthday falls during summer season, you can give him/her surprise with the winter theme party on his/her birthday. With foam machine, you can create artificial snow men and foam castles that will remind your kids of the winter season.

Phonics: the teaching method

Learning the read is a very difficult time for most children and throughout time teachers have done everything possible to make their method more efficient, faster, and fun for the students.

The phonics method comes from the idea that a letter consists of a sound, a written symbol and a name. It is this concept that has formed the basis for new teaching methods for children since the 19th century.
Phonics uses the correspondence between sound and written units within the word to enable the decoding potential. The decoding skill will later on help the child understand reading and writing new and more complex structures by using the same technique.


Phonemic awareness is the capacity to hear and identify and manipulate or use specific sounds. This skill is used later on to correlate the sounds with the spelling patterns they use for representation.

In phonemic teaching there are 43 phonemes which are common speech sound structures and 89 graphemes which are representative written structures or patterns. The goal is to understand the relations between the two. Once that is achieved, reading and writing no longer post any problems.
Phonics uses traditional reading and writing acquisition methods but in a much more structured way, focused on filling in the gaps or individual advancing by understanding each child’s needs and guiding them through, underlining the connections needed to move forward towards a new phase.

Systematic phonics uses whole class assessments to isolate the elements that need to be worked on. Then study groups can work on the issue they confront themselves with, remediating and eventually moving forward.
Teachers use this method to understand each student’s needs and skills in order to use the best and fastest method to progress.

Phonics can also be used for non-native English learners. Acquiring a second language is easier if the connection between sound groups and written patterns is understood.
There is no age requirement for this method and the most important aspect is correct assessment of the student.
If you are interested in using this method there are multiple online pages that give you access to different techniques based on years of teaching and research. Because it’s a relatively simple to use method you will be able to start using it after a short explanation of the concepts, phonemes and graphemes.